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Frissítve: 2014. szeptember 29.
Hungarian Energy Association (MET) is a professional non profit organization established on 5-th April 1991, for the purpose of renewing the Hungarian energy economy and enhancing its social support.

MET is committed to:

  • Enhance the development of an environment friendly national energy policy
  • Develop co-operation with municipalities in energy related issues
  • Support convergence of energy policy and market economy 
  • Organize energy related conferences, lectures, technical debates and programmes of sharing experience
  • Contribute to working out technical standards and guide lines
  • Conribute to energy related education and training
  • Publicate energy related technical papers
  • Establish wide ranging relations with international energy organzations
  • Facilitate the energy awareness of the greater public
  • Professional support of the upcoming generation of experts involved in energy matters
  • Assist Hungarian energy professionals and young people living in the neighbouring countries 
  • Research and process findings in the history of Hungarian energy profession.

Contact MET:

Secretary tel/fax: +36 1 201 7937
Email: met@emet.t-online.hu
Postal address: H-1094, Hungary, Budapest, Ferenc krt. 23. 2. em 2.

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